About  ME


Long story short

Speaking about WordPress and all the wonderful things you can make with it is something I really love.

As Life-Coach I´ll push you forward into your birthgiven direction and help you to expose your potential.

Some personal insights: I´ve mastered a few strokes of fate and know what I am talking about. I stumbled, was burnt, stood before the ruins of my marriage, lost my confidence, but I kept getting up. Now I am a professional consultant and coach, mother of five children, living in a new relationship and still open hearted.

For more insights into my career, you can take a look to my Resume.

WordPress is my passion. As a coach and trainer, it’s important to me that knowledge can be effectively applied in practice. Individual user training for WordPress & Social Media are my specialty. Please contact me if you want to know how to get the most from WordPress for your projects.

You´ll find me also at twitter @CoachBirgit and WordPress Slack as CoachBirgit

I have all the right tools, let me Help You