If you need someone who has an all-over view and acts like an overarching glue


Once in a month I’ll help one woman without charging a dime.

From the perspective as a single mom, as I was some years ago, I know how it feels to have a small wallet in the pocket.

With this donation offer I will lift the barrier for women who really want to start a WordPress career but don’t know where and how to start.

Don’t be shy and ask for a session with me.

If you have a Vision I will help you to turn it into reality

What I Do

As a multipotential person I can do a lot.

Most things I do as they come my way. Some things I do in my spare-time. Other things I do only if they fit into my schedule. If you need some help with the topics in the list, please contact me.


I write essays and tutorials about several topics. If you need some WordPress related written content, you can ask me.


I translated for the WordPress project since 2012. If you need a plugin or theme translated, I recommend a great service.


I founded a WordPress meetup group in my country side village. After three years I’ve 2 co-organizers in the growing group.


I know many really good people in the WordPress Community. If there is someone special you need – I’ll find them for you.


I’ve contributed to the WordPress project over several years with some breaks. You’ll find me often on Slack or Twitter as CoachBirgit.


I stand for the recognition of women in the WordPress ecosystem and fighting for the awareness of mental health in the IT.