Need help with WordPress?

I’ll help you feel comfortable & confident using WordPress for your growing Online business.

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How to use WordPress as a beginner

Do you want to use WordPress to build an online business but you don’t know where and how to start? Search no more.

You can use my Coaching for WordPress beginners to get started without detours.

How to use WordPress as a designer

Are you a designer and want to build websites with WordPress, but you don’t know how to bring your design ideas into a theme?

You can book me for an in-house training to get the essentials you need.

How to become WordPress Pro

Do you know WordPress well and can build great websites but want to build a career as a WordPress Pro?

You can get insight into my personal resources archive on how to get known as a Pro.

If you have a Vision I will help you turn it into reality

Things I can do for you



I help people to run a WordPress business in a holistic way.


I tell you stories that inspire you and share knowledge.



I write about mental health and self-awareness for people.


I connect people within and around the WordPress sphere.


I onboard newbies & contribute to WordPress ecosystem.


I donate time and offer free consulting once a month.

Why I do it

I love to make people happy!

I Love WordPress

Since the first release I have loved crafting things with WordPress.

I love Knowledge

I am a multipotential person with many interests. I love collecting knowledge and share it generously.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

I love Human Beings

I’m a mom of five children. There isn’t much that can scare me. I love to laugh, hug, cuddle and make you happy.