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Birgit Olzem

Meet a passionate member of the WordPress community since 2003 and contributor since 2010.

A Beacon of Hope

Caring for the Unsung (S)Heros

I was already campaigning for justice in kindergarten. To this day, I am committed to ensuring that people who are disadvantaged also get a fair chance.

Pioneering WordPress Contributions and Advocacy

My work has been recognized with awards like the Yoast Care fund for significant contributions to the community.

Birgit Olzem is an exceptional WordPress contributor. She has single-handedly proposed and kicked off the WordPress DEIBDEIB DEIB stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. working group, which is working towards making WordPress diverse and more inclusive
Hari Shanker
Open Source Program Manager at Automattic

Personal Milestones related to WordPress

Switched from b2/Cafelog to WordPress from its first release

Registered a side hustle as part-time self-employed web designer

Specialized in Training and Consulting for WordPress

My first WordCamp in Berlin, Germany

Started at Inpsyde as trainer for WordPress

Started maintaining the localized WordPress Releases

WordCamp Europe – my first international event

Community Summit & WordCamp San Francisco

Co-Organizer of the Global WordPress Translation Day

Co-Organizer of the Global WordPress Translation Day

Co-Organizer WordCamp Europe, Belgrade

Co-Organizer WordCamp Europe, Berlin

Speaker at WordCamp Europe, Athens

Published the DEIB Proposal

Session-Facilitator Community Summit

Co-Lead-Organizer WordCamp Germany

Noteworthy Contributor – Release team WordPress 6.4

A Project Lead – CloudFest Hackathon

A Decade of contributions

A brief overview!

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WordPress events and Hackathons


  • WordCamp Germany


  • WordCamp Germany


  • WP Camp Germany


  • WP Camp Germany
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordCamp London


  • WordCamp Hamburg
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordPress Community Summit
  • WordCamp San Francisco


  • WordCamp Cologne
  • WordCamp Berlin


  • WordCamp Nuremberg
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordCamp Cologne
  • Global WordPress Translation Day


  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordCamp Cologne
  • Global WordPress Translation Day


  • CloudFest Hackathon
  • WordCamp Retreat Soltau
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordCamp Brighton
  • WordCamp Nijmegen
  • WordCamp Würzburg
  • WordCamp Utrecht
  • WordCamp Milano
  • WordCamp US


  • WordCamp Europe


  • WordCamp Europe


  • CloudFest Hackathon
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordPress Community Summit
  • WordCamp US
  • WP Accessibility Day
  • WordCamp Germany


  • CloudFest Hackathon
  • CloudFest WP Day
  • WordCamp Europe
Icons Legend:
  • Attendee
  • Volunteer
  • Speaker
  • Facilitator
  • Organizer
  • Scheduled
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2010AttendeeWordCamp GermanyBerlin, Germany
2011AttendeeWordCamp GermanyCologne, Germany
2012AttendeeWP Camp GermanyBerlin, Germany
2013AttendeeWP Camp GermanyBerlin, Germany
AttendeeWordCamp EuropeLeiden, Netherlands
AttendeeWordCamp LondonLondon, UK
2014SpeakerWordCamp HamburgHamburg, Germany
AttendeeWordCamp EuropeSofia, Bulgaria
ParticipantWordPress Community SummitSan Francisco, CA, USA
VolunteerWordCamp San FranciscoSan Francisco, CA, USA
2015VolunteerWordCamp CologneCologne, Germany
SpeakerWordCamp BerlinBerlin, Germany
2016SpeakerWordCamp NurembergNuremberg, Germany
VolunteerWordCamp EuropeVienna, Austria
AttendeeWordCamp CologneCologne, Germany
2017VolunteerWordCamp EuropeParis, France
SpeakerWordCamp CologneCologne, Germany
2018VolunteerWordCamp Retreat SoltauSoltau, Germany
OrganizerWordCamp EuropeBelgrade, Serbia
AttendeeWordCamp BrightonBrighton, UK
SpeakerWordCamp NijmegenNijmegen, Netherlands
SpeakerWordCamp WürzburgWürzburg, Germany
SpeakerWordCamp UtrechtUtrecht, Belgium
SpeakerWordCamp MilanoMilano, Italy
AttendeeWordCamp USNashville, TN, USA
2019OrganizerWordCamp EuropeBerlin, Germany
2021AttendeeWordCamp Europeonline
2023SpeakerWordCamp EuropeAthens, Greece
Speaker (Session Facilitator)WordPress Community SummitNational Harbor, MD, USA
AttendeeWordCamp USNational Harbor, MD, USA
SpeakerWP Accessibility Dayonline
Co-Lead OrganizerWordCamp GermanyGerolstein, Germany
2024applied as SpeakerWordCamp EuropeTorino, Italy
WordPress events, I was part of.

Proudly Featured in:

“Birgit’s work on DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) is an important step for the WordPress Community and is in line with her yearlong efforts to make the WordPress community an inclusive space for everyone.”

Maja Benke, Accessibility Consultant and Webdesigner

Contribution Goals and Projects

To make a meaningful contribution, I am seeking support for approximately 20 hours per week. This will allow me to dedicate focused time on the DEIB initiative, collaborate with other teams, and drive impactful projects that benefit the entire WordPress ecosystem without distractions.


DEIB Working Group

My focus contributions include DEIB awareness campaigns, collaboration with other WordPress teams, and stakeholder engagement. These actions will have a direct positive impact on the WordPress community and its millions of users.


Contributor Mentorship

As one of the pioneer members of the contributor mentorship programm, I’ll continue collaborating with team-members on optimizing the onboarding process for new contributors to the WordPress project.


Local Community

Part of my time, I am going to dedicate for contributions to my local WordPress community by translating and reviewing translations, organizing local events and mentorship for fellow local contributors.

DEIB Working Group Goals for 2024

Goal 1

Developing Training Material and Online Workshops.

Tailored DEIB workshops will enhance understanding and foster inclusivity among community members.

Goal 2

Creating Shareable Visuals

Simplifying the complexity of DEIB in open-source, making it accessible and understandable for all community members.

Goal 3

DEIB-Specific Surveys

Gathering data from various user groups to understand the current state of DEIB in WordPress, leading to informed decisions and policies.

Goal 4

Drafting DEIB Policies

Establishing guidelines to ensure an inclusive environment for all community members.

The Case for DEIB in Open-Source

In the world of open-source, diverse teams are proven to be more innovative and effective. A study by McKinsey shows that companies with diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to see better-than-average profits.

Applying this to open-source, a diverse and inclusive WordPress community can drive more creative solutions, broader user engagement, and a stronger, more vibrant ecosystem.

Deliverables by Birgit Olzem planned for a 6 Month period

  • 1-2 DEIB Workshops on
  • DEIB Project Leadership at CloudFest Hackathon
  • DEIB round table at Community Day Switzerland
  • Speaking at CloudFest WordPress Day as Panelist
  • Potential appearances at WordCamp Europe 2024.
  • DEIB Survey in collaboration with CHAOSS Community and other entities
  • Drafting a DEIB Handbook: Centralizing DEIB resources for the WordPress community.
  • Facilitating regular DEIB Working Group Meetings and Virtual Office Hours
  • A set of shareable infographics

The Return to expect

Community Goodwill

By sponsoring active contributors, your company will be recognized as a company that genuinely cares about the growth and health of the WordPress community.

Brand Visibility

Regular mentions like “I am sponsored by [YOUR COMPANY]” during community interactions, events, and contributions provide organic visibility.

Strategic Insights

Being closely associated with active contributors offers a unique perspective on the direction of WordPress, enabling your company to stay ahead of the curve.

Occasional financial grants
by Orgs & Companies

And many individuals who supported my work over the last decade.

WordPress needs sustained contributions to grow and thrive.

You can be a part of it

Balancing substantial volunteer efforts for a significant global project with everyday life and client commitments presents a considerable challenge.

For this dedicated work, a semi-annual compensation of €28,560 is targeted, which corresponds to around 240 working hours at €100/hour plus VAT.

This funding would compensate for the potential income from client work and also cover travel expenses related to speaking engagements, thereby enabling me to maximize my contributions towards the growth and inclusivity of the WordPress community.

Your support in sponsoring these DEIB related work will not only foster a more inclusive and innovative WordPress community but will also set a precedent for open-source projects globally. Let’s lead the way in making open-source truly open for everyone.

Support Options

to Make

a Difference

I am immensely grateful for your support, whether it’s through a donation, recurring payment, GitHub sponsorship, or contract collaboration. Your contribution fuels my commitment to WordPress and DEIB, and together, we can continue making WordPress an even better platform for all.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Simplified Summary

The page outlines Birgit Olzem's contributions to the WordPress community and her advocacy for DEIB. It invites financial support for her work, detailing her extensive involvement in WordPress development, mentorship, and DEIB initiatives. It highlights her personal milestones, contributions to translating WordPress, and organizing community events. The page provides options for one-time and recurring donations, GitHub sponsorship, and contract collaboration to support her efforts, emphasizing the impact of sponsorship on fostering a more inclusive and innovative WordPress community.