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Today, I am reaching out to you with a humble request for support. As many of you know, I have been an active contributor to the WordPress community for years, sharing my knowledge, experiences, and passion for this incredible platform. In addition to my ongoing contributions to the WPDiversity speaker training support group and the contributor mentorship working group, I am honored to serve as the co-lead for WordCamp Germany, scheduled to take place in my hometown in October this year.

You’re Incredible!

The travel fund goal was achieved in just 7 hours!

If you’re still enthusiastic about supporting my contributions to WordPress,
please visit my page to explore the various sponsorship and donation options available.

Recently, I was granted the opportunity to attend the WordPress Community Summit. The roundtrip airfare, as well as three nights of accommodation, have been generously covered by the travel assistance program. However, I received the devastating news that my applications to speak at WordCamp US were not accepted.

This means I am ineligible to apply for the speaker travel fund.

After enduring three years of serious illness, which confined me to my bed and caused immense pain, my financial resources became depleted. The instability of income influx during that time was a significant factor, compounded by the additional responsibility of caring for my family during a devastating pandemic, including two school-aged children (at that time).

However, I am pleased to share that my recovery is ongoing and has improved significantly since undergoing two total hip replacement surgeries in the past two years. These surgeries have been transformative, allowing me to regain mobility and actively engage in life once again.

In my optimistic anticipation of being accepted as a speaker at WordCamp US, I proactively purchased a ticket for the event and made arrangements for my return flight the day after. Despite not being accepted as a speaker, my commitment to attending WordCamp US and the Contributor Day remains unwavering.

Funding the Final Stretch

While I am grateful that the Community Summit travel assistance program has generously covered a significant portion of my overall travel expenses, there are still remaining costs that I need to cover personally.

These include approximately €400 for the shared costs for the apartment for the remaining three nights to attend to WCUS, around €180 for parking fees for a week at the Frankfurt Airport (FRA), approximately €100 for gas expenses covering the roundtrip to the airport in my car, and around €120 allocated for meals outside the event.

Today, I was encouraged by my dear friend Michelle Frechette to set up a donation form.

That said, I am reaching out for support to help me to cover these remaining expenses and ensure my participation at WordCamp US.

Your support, no matter the amount, would mean the world to me. It will help ensure that I can fully participate in WordCamp US, continue sharing my insights, and give back to this incredible community that has been instrumental in my journey.

If you believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting individuals who are dedicated to making a difference, I kindly ask for your contribution. Together, we can make this trip possible and continue fostering a strong and inclusive WordPress ecosystem.

How Can I Show My Appreciation If You Support Me?

After attending WordCamp US, I plan to express my immense gratitude to all the individuals who have supported me in a comprehensive blog post on this platform. This heartfelt acknowledgement will be shared across various social media channels, ensuring that the message reaches a wide audience. Additionally, I will personally extend my gratitude on social media to each person who generously donates or sponsors me.

For those who sponsor me and represent a business or offer a product/service, I am excited to collaborate with you. I will dedicate an individual blog post specifically highlighting your business, product, or service, allowing it to shine in the spotlight. This dedicated post will be extensively promoted on social media, reaching audiences around the world and maximizing exposure for your brand.

Flexible Support Options: Taxable Invoices Available for Donors

For potential donors who prefer to support me through an VAT invoice, I am happy to accommodate this option as well. Your contribution can be processed as a regular transaction, allowing you to receive an invoice for your generous support. This ensures transparency and enables you to claim the contribution as a legitimate expense, while still assisting me in attending WordCamp US. Your consideration and support are sincerely appreciated. Please reach out via contact form, I’ll follow up from there.

Together, we can celebrate the power of community and showcase the meaningful connections that emerge from supporting one another.

To make a donation, please use the following form:

Thank you very much, dear donors!


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Tom Willmot

I am incredibly grateful for your support, whether it is through a donation, spreading the word, or simply offering encouragement. Thank you for being part of this outstanding community and for helping me make a lasting impact through WordCamp US.

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